Oxfordshire – September 2017

The next step of my journey was to Oxfordshire, for the first of three artist labs with my friend and colleague Juliet Robson, a wonderful performance and visual artist and expert in disabled arts and accessibility. We studied together in Nottingham in 1991-1994 and became close friends staying up late into the night talking about chaos, the planet, trees and art, amongst the other strange, wonderful and sometimes terrifying experiences we shared in our youth. We have collaborated over the years on various projects but this is the first time we are able to start something together as a collaborative process.

Oxfordshire in Autumn, the heart of England, beautiful woodlands, birds and villages. Trees turning orange, red and brown. Skies full of stars, the darkness of the night pitch black. Berries, mushrooms, squirrels and fertile ground. It feels like a safe, protected place. But nothing is ever as it seems.

We spent the day talking about time, the future in time and playing with and burying watches.