A bare cherry blossom tree in the snow with a train of lit up boxes on wheels that says 'when this tree blossoms'...

we will meet and talk about the future

Meanwhile in Nottingham I have also been working with Frank Abbott to prepare for the arrival of Spring and the blossoming of the cherry trees in the park across the road from our artist’s studios at Primary. With the help of Roger Suckling, Pete Ellis, Mollie Jo Boyd and Nathaniel Mann, Frank has been filming an invite to watch one of the cherry trees as it goes into blossom and then come together to meet under the tree, to talk about the future, the film involves Frank’s amazing light boxes.

Roger Suckling has been following this process and the weather as it struggles to shed off the veil of winter with this beautiful film of the making of “When This Tree Blossoms”.

The Making of “When This Tree Blossoms” from Roger Suckling on Vimeo.

The video stream of the branches of the cherry tree covered in buds is also now ready to go live – after some updating on current web streaming technologies, since I haven’t done a live stream since 2008! We will be sending this out on social media and on this website over the next few days and will wait for the blossoms. We will also be making a postcard and putting the video in places around Nottingham where we can for people who don’t use social media. A race against time (literally) as signs of spring are quickening, now that the late snow has melted.

Time to watch and wait and think about how we will meet together to talk about the future.

Keep watching…