seven people standing under the cherry blossom tree in full bloom with one man directly underneath looking up

When the tree blossomed (Nottingham, April 22nd 2018)

About 35 people met in Christ Church Gardens on the evening of Sunday April 22nd 2018 to talk about the future and celebrate the spring under the blossoming cherry trees. We had tea and cake.

Rachel gave out cards with the words ‘Lost/Gained/Protect/Lose’ to help trigger conversations. Frank brought a litter picker and people helped him pick up litter around the park.¬†Some people stood and looked at the trees. Some people sat on the tarpulin under the trees and talked together about the future.

We hope to meet under the trees in Christ Church Garden again when the tree blossoms next year.

Notice the strange black balloons that got stuck in the trees a few days before we met!