looking over Tilberthwaite Quarry to the mountains and valleys beyond

Tilberthwaite Quarry and Walney Island, Cumbria

The next part of the journey around England took place in Cumbria with Wallace Heim, on the 2nd and 3rd of May just as England started to warm up for the second heatwave for some parts of England this Spring. Our original plan to row out at Lake Coniston and talk about solastalgia was scuppered by quite a windy breeze. I am glad of it as the wind blew us up the mountain and out to sea instead, searching for the remains of quarries and mines, the presence of gas extractions, wind and oyster farms. To visit with the birds breeding and singing, the moss, soil, grass and lichen spreading over the rocks and stones, the minerals oozing out from the exposed rock and the trees standing tall, blossoming and holding on to broken slate and fissures in the mountain, intertwined with the wind and the rocks.

The cave

The Larger Quarry

Returning soil and grass

South Walney Island