a small rectangular grey clay tablet with 'I promise to strive to battle climate change' embossed in the clay, on a muslin fabric with drawings of clouds and the sun printed on it

Coming to the end of Performing the Future

As the Performing the Future project is coming to an end we are preparing for ‘When the Future Comes…’ the final event at Nottingham Contemporary, that will bring together most of the artists, Dr John King from the British Antarctic Survey and the researchers from the University of Nottingham. To book to take part in this afternoon of talks, artworks and a workshop go here: http://www.nottinghamcontemporary.org/event/when-future-comes

I am also preparing to finally send the promises gift to nearly 100 people who made promises and joined the Future Machine during the exhibition tour of The Prediction Machine artwork. These gifts include receiving the promises they made inscribed into clay tablets (see image).

A final workshop took place last week at the Mixed Reality Lab discussing how the Future Machine concept might be developed next year, exploring the idea for a touring performance/installation where people come together to collectively build a ‘Future Machine’ that well help us protect the things we love as the future unfolds. This idea will also be explored during the workshop at Nottingham Contemporary.

An article has also been submitted to the Journal of Risk Research has part of a Special Edition on Narratives of Environmental Risk, the article will be added to this website.

We have lots of ideas about how this project will continue and will be seeking funding and opportunities to take each of the outcomes of this project forward.