working on Zeus

Academic Workshops

3 workshops will take place in collaboration with the Mixed Reality Lab/Horizon (University of Nottingham) and Professor Esther Eidinow (University of Bristol) exploring how we might future-proof and protect data and narratives from the past and present day whilst finding ways to reflect on this data as the future unfolds.

These workshops will involve:

  • Experimenting with data capture technology and social media as a way to explore commitment, responsibility and building narratives around our relationship to the future
  • Looking at Greek Oracles and The Prediction Machine as ways to build narratives about the future that interweave scientific data, mythology and everyday life
  • Looking at how technology and data systems might help us find ways to connect with past knowledge and future models of the environment

These workshops will provide an opportunity to combine artistic and scientific processes, involving sensing, data capture and interactive technologies, and engage with current environmental science research.

Read more about the workshops as they happen on the blog