Flow chart with themes from Oxfordshire artist lab with Juliet Robson - heading including Time and Trickster

Artist Labs

Performing the Future involves a series of 8 artist labs taking place over 12 months, working with artist/collaborators Juliet Robson, Wallace Heim, Frank Abbott, Caroline Locke and Matt Watkins. The labs will take place across a variety of places in the UK, reflecting different aesthetics, narratives and conversations, focusing on how we can envision positive futures in the face of climate and environmental change.The resulting conversations and artistic experiments will be published as part of this blog and a special edition print publication.

This is an open ended process but some of the themes we hope to explore include: making time capsules and burying them in forests in Oxfordshire; talking about solastagia on a lake in Cumbria; creating rituals that respond to the blossoming of the first flowers in Spring in Nottingham; and making science fiction and new ways to see into the future.

Image: Notes from the first artist lab with Juliet Robson with Time, Trickster and Burying highlighted as key themes for the artists to explore.